xsl and title tag

hi all

has anybody ever tried to put xsl inside the title tag in the global template

i need to formulate the title tag differently in my global template depending on the content type.

however, when i put the xsl inside the title tag to do this, it always gets overridden in the global template xsl and uses displaytitle.

would be grateful for any help


Hi Michelle

This has been reported as a bug RX-10620. This is the reply I got from tech support when I raised the issue:

There are no plans to fix the bug reported below. However, there are possible workarounds that you could consider (if you haven’t already).

  1. One approach would be to add the “prefix text” to the display title field in the Mapper (with the sys_concat UDF).

  2. It should also be possible to “post process” the XSLT generated by the Global Templates process.


thanks jimbo

your help saves me spending hours trying to work out why my xsl isn’t working.