Workflow Track Changes


I was looking for a way to track changes that users make to a Workflow (such as how word documents highlight text that is added/removed). This would be a very useful feature for us, as we’ll have entire departments editing course catalog index pages. Such a feature would let the users in the next step know what was added or removed from a page before approving it to the next step or publishing.

Is there any functionality for this in Percussion? If not, can you recommend an efficient way of accomplishing this otherwise?

Track changes feature for editing text

If you look at the Revision history for a page or assets, you can preview each revision to see the differences. We don’t have highlighting of changes in the product but you at least have the ability to open it up and see what the version looked like and do your own compare.

You can see information on this piece on our Page Revisions Help page:
Page Revisions


Yeah, I think that’ll work. Thanks for your help!

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