Widgets - More information & Recommendations for Use

I read about a few widgets and it’s not clicking in my head how each can be specifically used.

Can someone give me some examples of where/how I can use these?

  • Category List Widget / Tags List Widget

  • Page Auto List

  • RSS (is this only for use with blogs?)

  • Event Widget (trying to think about how this works)

I did read the tutorials in the Help File but I’m still a bit foggy on how I can best use each.

I like the idea of the Categories but really not sure when I would use this. Same as the Page Auto List.

With the Event’s Widget - we have people that post their press releases and I archive the title and link on an archive page. Is this akin to that but with a blurb?

Thank you for your patience.

Hi Debbie,
The RSS widget can be used to pull in any RSS feed into your pages. Many customers find it useful to display content of interest to their users. For example, you could pull in an RSS feed from the New York Times related to college admissions.

I have a News & Press Releases page - could I convert this to a RSS and then users can use the RSS Widget or … would that work?

Hi Debbie,

The RSS widget is primarily used to pull in external RSS feeds, in other words content generated outside of CM1.

Are your news items and press releases all housed in individual pages? If so, you could use the Page Auto List widget (or, with a little more work, a Tags List Widget) to index and link to all of these news and press releases pages on one “News & Press Releases” landing page. Better yet, you could use two Page Auto Lists to pull in news and press releases separately on the same page.

We have press releases and we use blog list and blog post for them and it works fine. We also have news/events. [Don’t ask.] Using events widget as of now. Is there a way of using page auto list to not display items after an end date? I can hand code it using ColdFusion and SQL but I’m trying to use CM1 functionality and cut out as much ColdFusion as possible. Or, are there other options?

Hi Lloyd,

Yes, the page auto-list (blog list as well) shows only live published pages, so you can use scheduled publishing/auto-remove feature to unpublish the event pages once they occur. As soon as they are unpublished, they will be removed dynamically from the list.


You can also configure the auto-list to return pages based on published date as a criteria in the “content” tab.

Excellent! Thank you.