Widget Dropdown

Is there any way to create a widget with a dropdown list that I can then do an if else statement to write out what logo image to use based on what the user selected?

We don’t have the ability to create a widget with a dropdown list. This is on our list of enhancements for Widget Builder which we are targeting for Q4 or Q1 2015. When we’ve wanted to do something similar we used a text field, and in the field label described the valid values. If it’s a short list of items, that may be viable, although obviously prone to human error.

Yeah I really need a dropdown list for my users to be able to select their department so the header for the site is correct. I currently have 5 templates and do not want to have to create a new variation of each template just to change the header image.

Any ideas Dan? If I have to create a template just because of the header, I will end up having 40 templates for my users to choose from. I would rather not have to do that.

Sorry Matt. The only solutions I have are flawed. One is the one I wrote previously about typing in the value.  The only other one I can think of is if you used jquery to detect the folder where the file is placed, and then dynamically generate the header based on the folder. I realize that neither of these are desirable choices, but they are the most creative solutions I can come up with.