Why can't I omit title tags on image assets?

When I upload an image asset I’m required to add a title tag. Is there a way to avoid it or is there a global setting that can define that field as optional?

For 508-compliance, all arbitrary/decorative images must have blank ALT tags or it will result in non-compliance and failure. A title tag must also not be present or that will also result in a failure.


I know that sometimes even standards require an interpretation, but from what I’ve read, while it is true that decorative images must have a blank ALT tag, I have not seen that the Title tag is problematic. Is there are specific document you can refer me to or have you gotten this interpretation from an auditor?

As a short term solution, you could use a Rich Text Widget and insert an image. Rich Text allows you control over whether there is a title or not on the image. This could get you through an audit if your auditor has chosen this interpretation of the standard.


Yes, this was a result of an audit. While I don’t agree with it I don’t have much choice. Thanks for the workaround.