Where should we put the online Rhythmyx documentation?

The online Rhythmyx documentation is currently stored in the Notes based Extranet. We’re thinking of various options for its new home. Tell us which one you prefer:

I think if you want to encourage people to use the discussion forums more, then the forums would be a good place for the documentation. If you created a thread for each document (grouping the similar documents for each version of Rhythmyx together in the same thread), then any questions specific to the documentation can be put in the thread.

Is there any reason why they can’t go in both places and be searchable as part of a knowledge search on this forum ?

Also - my biggest complaint is that some of the documentation (we are on 5.7) is out of date and not detailed enough in places. Would be nice to get it updates and more thorough to be honest…

Drats, missed the poll. I would like to see all the documents on a web page or within one forum post. Trying to find a specific document in the 6.5 thread is harder than it should be.

A proper searcheable knowledge base would be preferable - wiki based, or a basic DMS like php MyDMS?
The forum search does not index PDF, so another option would be to integrate something that does - Lucene for instance.

It would be great to have a proper searchable knowledge base. We have resorted to putting all the documentation into one PDF to be able to do easy searching.

I would also advise putting alt tags on images/diagrams so these are picked up in searches.

I have investigated, and this is not feasible in the .pdf format.

Graphics that are not inline with text should always have a caption, however, and the text in the caption is generally the same as would be in any hypothetical “alt attribute” of the graphic.

Images in HTML-based online formats should always have a value in the alt attribute of the image tag.