When will CM1 have a Workbench?

There is alot of things we’d like to do to all content items when those items are published that we can do in CM System (like apply webtrends onclick events to all links). Right now having to add all this extra meta and inline attributes is very manual and time consuming and prone to errors.

Hey Joe,

I’m not aware of any plans to implement a Workbench in CM1 as in CM System, but I’m going to see if I can get anyone from product management to weigh in on that.

For now, if there’s any particular feature in the CM System Workbench that you would like to see added to the CM1 User Interface, please feel free to post that on here as an Idea.


Hi Nathaniel:

The ability to add stuff dynamically to all content items is a big painpoint for us. Adding webtrends or other things dynamically to all pages or items is much better than hardcoding that into each page. That is why I feel CM System is a far superior product to CM1, the ability to create chunks of content vs blobs of content and to control the html output from the system. If you could take the ease of use of cm1’s interface and apply that to CM System, you’d have a killer product.

Also in terms of accessing a preview vs. published mode is also a great thing to have. The ability to strip out info authors put in and to serve up the correct formatted characters (ie ascii characters)

In terms of responsive design, the best practice is to serve up a light weight version of the page, so having the ability to control the entire DOM tree is also a big need, in CM1 we don’t have access to the header section that CM1 outputs.

We are working on introducing the ability to create community and custom driven widgets for the product but the workbench functionality will be limited. The goal is to maintain a supportable product and one of the restrictions to that is preventing a workbench that allows multiple facets of customization. This is being done to keep upgrades and support much easier to maintain.

Daved is correct. We currently have a Widget Builder that is in beta with some of our partners. The workbench is part of the Widget Builder and allows you to construct custom widgets for use in templates.

How does one get this? We’d have a use for this. Does it use velocity?

Currently this is used by Percussion and by selected partners. It is on our roadmap to enhance this for use by customers.

Widget Builder is now in beta with customers as of 3.2. It is expected to be GA in our next release.