Web Services and PHP

We would like to hopefully use PHP or some other sort of web interface to have some data be queried and updated inside of Rhythmyx. I have not seen any examples or read anywhere how to exactly do this or if it is even possible. I was just hoping to get a general push in the right direction.

What we would like to do:

We would like a small subset of data to be updated by a single user. Each piece of data has a single user, and they need to be able to update basically one single item. On the other hand we need all of the local admins, and site admins to be able to maintain the content as well and have the changes flow back to the web form that we will use to maintain this. The biggest reason why we don’t want them using the Rhythmyx interface is for a few reasons. We don’t want to give them access to any of the other content, we don’t want to create all of the special permissions restrictions for these users, we want to be able to customize the form that they are presented with.

At this point we are just looking into what options we have available to us. Any information would be greatly appreciated!



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