User Permission Question

Hi All,

As an Editor, can’t I edit pages outside navigation tree ? I mean pages created directly in the finder by admin. I tried several times to edit page in Draft/Review/Pending/Live status, none of them is editable to me as an Editor. Pages created in Navigation Tree are editable though.

As an Contributor, none of them is editable for some reason I don’t know. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

As an Editor, you should be able to edit pages outside of navigation in any workflow state except archive. Two issues you may be running into is that read-only status was applied to a folder containing these pages. Another potential issue is that you are trying to edit content that was added on the template level. In that case, you would see a padlock icon in the upper right corner of the widget.

As far as editing rights for Contributors, they can only edit pages that are in draft or review status.