Updating datasources


We moved Rhythmyx content database to a new server following the deployment process described in the document ‘Setting up production environment’

Here is what we did
Updated the datasource in <RhythmyxRoot>\AppServer\server\rx\deploy\rx-ds.xml.

Updated the spring configuration(database name) in <RhythmyxRoot>\AppServer\server\rx\deploy\rxapp.ear\rxapp.war\WEB-INF\config\spring\server-beans.xml

After updating, applied the setting in the Server Administrator but it seemed like there were issues with the database connection.

So we renamed the database to the original name following which the connection worked fine.

Is there some other file I need to modify for the connection string to work correctly like changing the database name in some file?


It’s possible, although this has historically only been an issue with Rx 5.x upgrades.

Do you have any custom code anywhere in your environment? If so, have you checked it for any hardcoded database strings?
Do you have your database string hardcoded in any of your templates?
Where are you getting the error(s) and what are they?