Update to SQL account password - percussion side now?

We are trying to update the password on the SQL account that was referenced during the initial CM1 installation. When I change the password in SQL CM1 breaks. How do I update the percussion side of things so its aware of the SQL password change? The MS SQL server is external to the Percussion installation and i’ve looked over config files with no luck.

I did ref this thread as well…https://community.percussion.com/t/how-to-configure-dts-to-use-ms-sql-server-as-its-repository/1081

check out:https://help.percussion.com/percussion-cm1/install-setup/migrating-percussion-environments/index

See Appendix A, I’d image you’d just follow that to update the SQL User credentials?

Yeah, that looks more like it. I somehow missed that page! I’ll give it a try. Thanks

Yep, that worked. Thanks

No problem