Unused resources being linked

There’s a number of javascript plugins/resources CM1 is adding links to into my HTML and leaving them in there once the pages get published including superfish.js, navbar.js, perc_membership.js to name a few…probably some css files that go unsued as well being added to the html…

I don’t use any of the widgets or functionality that require these script files, so why are they getting linked to in my published page? I can understand they may get used while still in the CM1 environment, but they shouldn’t get put in published html if nothing is using them… Doing so just increases my page size and load time.

any help on this would be great.

Hi Paul,

Most of the JavaScript files are added because some widgets depend on them. Like the perc_membership.js, most of these JavaScript files are applied to all pages published by Percussion. The superfish.js and navbar.js files are applied to published pages that use the Navigation Widget.

Better optimizing what JavaScript files are included on a page based on what widgets are being used is a great idea. What I suggest you do is post this as an idea to our community.