Unpublishing filenames based on content titles


We’ve been asked to look into a problem when filenames are based on the content title and if changed Rhythmyx doesn’t unpublish the old file from the webserver. I completely understand why it doesn’t but wondered if it were possible.

Here’s a few thoughts we had when it was discuss:

[li]Create a workflow action that checks to see if the filename has changed since the last revision.
[/li][li]Apply that action on all transitions going to the public that have previously been made public eg Quick Edit, Redraft.
[/li][li]If so enter the content into a new table similar to rxsiteitems.
[/li][li]Create an old style content list XML resource to generate the list of items that contain the old filename.
[/li][li]Add this content list as the first item to any full or incremental edition.

Does this sound feasible?


Totally agree… We have all kinds of wounded soldiers wandering the file system because people changed the sys_title of the item.

I agree too - it is very annoying as Rx should know that, despite the sys_title change, the item still has the same contentid… will this be fixed?