Understanding Publishing

So in instances where a full publish is needed or when incremental publishing is used for bulk on demand publishing, do all of the pages that have been “Approved” get published? I’m just wondering if I have 10 workflows with 10 different users who can publish content after it is submitted to them. If I do a full publish or incremental publish does it bypass their review of the content?

I’m just don’t want to bypass their authority when it comes to reviewing and ensuring content is accurate but there are times where full publishes are needed.

Any help on clarifying this is appreciated. Thanks!


With incremental or full publishing the only content that is published are pages/assets that have been"approved".

To bypass the workflow steps you can run and instant publish on a single page. Only users with roles that have permission to Publish in the workflow setup can perform an instant publish.

Does that clarify things for you?

I may understand… here’s an example

User 1 is assigned to Draft Workflow Step
User 2 is assigned to Review Workflow Step
User 3 is assigned to Approved Workflow Step

So User 1 makes a page and submits to User 2.
User 2 reviews content and approves it to have User 3 do a final check and publish.
I do a full publish before User 3 has a chance to look at the content.
The content is published without User 3 seeing it

Is that correct?

Yes that is correct!

If you would not like that to happen what you can do is set up an addition step between user 1 and user 2 so that the process would go

User 1 is submits to User 2 for 1st revision
then user to submits the page to User 3 for 2nd round of revision
User 3 Approves for publishing.

This way user 3 must approve the page before your full site publish will publish the page

A simpler way of looking at this Josh is by using the Page by Status gadget on the Dashboard. If a piece of content has a status of “Pending” it will be published.