Unable to drag assets in IE

It seems that, while editing in Internet Explorer, we’re unable to drag and drop assets into widgets. Unfortunately, a number of our users are very attached to that nightmare of a browser. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a work-around?

Should I open a support ticket?

We had lots of issues with IE. Is Chrome an option for your users? We moved our Percussion users to Chrome and it really cut down on their troubles.

The majority of our users have moved to chrome, but there are some IE holdouts. Of course, the holdouts are among the upper management and just want Percussion to work with the browser they are already comfortable using. All of our machine images have chrome, so I can just tell them Percussion must be used with Chrome if that’s the case. I wanted to check here first.

Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately this is a known issue with Internet Explorer.  We do have an issue filed for this under tracking #CMS-2340.

We would recommend using a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.