TypeKit Visual Error Message

I use Adobe TypeKit in my templates and it works fine except when on the Layout screen when editing a template CM1 displays an error (warning icon) and when clicked on displays the following error:

. File not found – https://use.typekit.net/c/a6cc88/adel…

However, as I mentioned, the fonts show up fine on the pages. I am using the provided script code by Typekit. I’ve enabled our CM1 domain access to the kit via the TypeKit settings; besides if I hadn’t the fonts wouldn’t be showing up.

Any ideas? It’s more a nuisance than a critical error. I don’t care for the error icon showing up…

Hey Paul,

Due to the fact that our UI is powered by JavaScript and that we disable / restrict some JavaScript functionality in an attempt to ensure that customer’s scripts don’t break the UI, some of these errors that are system capture can be a result of this and are totally benign. You can confirm this by testing the pages in Preview (as you already have) to ensure that everything fires correctly outside of the UI.

The real issue here, as I see it, is that there’s no way for an Admin user to identify that these errors are benign and manually dismiss them so that they no longer appear. I highly recommend that you post an Idea requesting the ability to selectively dismiss these errors. .