Tuckey.org URL Rewrite Issue in Chrome

I have run in to an issue with our vanity URLs / redirects.

We have short URLs set up that won’t render in Chrome unless the user has written out “www” at the beginning of the URL. Has anyone come across this?
Here is a sample redirect:

<rule> <br> <from>^/ssw$</from> <br> <to type="forward" last="true">/springfield-college-school-of-social-work/index</to> <br> </rule>   

I believe the way our network functions requires all URLs to have the www at the beginning of the URL. To achieve this, we placed as the last section of our redirect file the following section:

<rule> <br><br> <name>Domain Name Check</name> <br><br>
<condition name="host" operator="notequal">www.springfieldcollege.edu</condition> <br>
  <from>^(.*)$</from> <br><br> <to type="redirect">http://www.springfieldcollege.edu$1</to> <br><br> </rule>   

Any thoughts as to what might be happening with Chrome? In FireFox and Safari it works fine.


Just looking at your code it looks fairly accurate. One thing I noticed is it looks like you added a “$” to the attribute. I gathered that from: http://tuckey.org/urlrewrite/manual/3…

If you remove that and restart the webserver, does this fix that behavior?


Are you suggesting I remove the “$” from this line:


or this:


Thanks for your help!


Actually reading through some of the older posts I believe you brought that up before in the past. Hold off on making any changes…

Was the other browsers redirecting correctly? Just Chrome is the problem?

That’s correct, it is just Chrome. Chrome will render the redirects correctly if we have “www” but without that, they do not appear.


I just wanted to follow up. I am still having this issue. Do you have any suggestions as to what might be causing this? The redirects work fine in firefox & safari, but not Chrome, and now explorer on PCs.

Thank you,