There should be a place to add theme-wide header code

I know you can update the meta-information for specific pages, and for a template, to add code into the page header (by which I mean the “head” section of the html code - not the section of the body content that contains the “header” for a page). But a particular theme (and/or website) can contain multiple templates and many more pages. Is there any way to add header code that is common to every template, and by extension every page, within a particular theme?

If not… maybe there should be (in which case, let’s change this to an “idea” instead of a “question”).

Hi Matthew,

There is currently no way to add header code to a whole site globally, but it looks like you’re already a step ahead of me: I think this is a great suggestion, and I’ll go ahead and convert this topic into an Idea for you. Thanks for sharing, and have a great (long?) weekend!