sys_CheckBoxTree not available in shared field

i was trying to create a new shared field with sys_CheckBoxTree control, but it’s not available in the dropdown menu.

i went to a content type and see if i can create a local field with sys_CheckBoxTree control and i could. Greately appreciate any help i can get.

Jiong Ye,

Was there another field in the shared field set?

If you add a multi-value field to a shared field set, we only allow that field. If you already have a field in the shared field set, we do not allow you to add a multi-value field to the field set.


i have the out of the box shared field set. they are either editbox or textarea.

and i tried to add to this a checkboxtree.

i still need some help with this. would appreciate any help i can get.

Try creating a new shared table just for the checkbox tree field. It’s my understanding that fields that create their own child tables are only allowed in shared table definitions by themselves.

That is correct.

ok thanks. it’s working. i created another share field file and i can create a checkbox tree field.

but i hit another problem, when i was adding that shared field i just created to a content type. i get this error.

Could not save the design object of type ‘com.percussion.cms.objectstore.PSItemDefinition’ with id ‘8,589,934,910’. The underlying error was: The following shared fields excluded by the content editor cannot be located in any of the included shared groups: body, callout, description, displaytitle, filename, keywords, webdavowner.

any ideas?

Did you remove the sys_shared shared field group from the Content Type?

nope. they are still there.

ok the problem is gone. i had to remove the content type and shared field files then recreate them. no big deal.
is there a tutorial on how to populate checkbox tree from database or static xml file? thanks.

See the documentation referenced in this thread: