sys_casGeneratePubLocation and v6.1

After upgrading to v6.1 I have been unable to use sys_casGeneratePubLocation successfully. The XML node returned is empty.

I am still using XSL to generate the HTML pages I need.

Looking at the mapper (see attached image) it looks as though the function has an additional parameter expected (one additional comma) since the last time it was used (before the upgrade).

Has anyone else experienced this, or used the function successfully in Rx6.1?



The extra parameter is for the item filter. Item filteres replace authtypes in new implementations as a more flexible consistent mechanism. However, the new parameter is not required and in fact you must not have both specified.

You should probably check that there are no errors on the console, and I would trace the application to see if you can see what’s going on.

Is your copy of 6.1 up to date with all the patches? I believe there were some bugs in that area, so it may be worthwhile to call tech support to see if there are newer patches for 6.1 then your current state.