SUGGESTION: Make simple text widget a true plain text widget (or offer a plain text widget)

CM1 needs a widget into which content contributors can enter text without it getting styled. This is important where a contributor may be copying from another web page and the site designer doesn’t want that content to drag over any inline HTML that will break the look of a page.

The Simple Text Widget is currently a poor choice for dealing with copied inline HTML because it has no HTML view like the Rich Text Widget has. Unfortunately, the Rich Text Widget offers too many options for content contributors to likewise add their own styling that is not desired.

A Plain Text Widget would be ideal for minimizing contributor caused markup problems.

I like this and agree. I think there could be a Layout config option to make the simple text remove markup, like the paste as plain text option in the Rich Text widget does. Or we could look at a plain text widget, where you can only work with page breaks and paragraphs.

Thanks for posting this.

The Widget Builder delivered in 3.3 provides designers and admins the ability to create a widget such as this. You can provide a single text field for users to enter and all styling is handled through the widget definition.

Cool. I will check it out!