Suggestion: List of known/reported bugs

There used to be a section in the old Rx users site where bugs were listed along with their status e.g. patched, fixed in next version etc. This was very useful and, for me, avoided calls to Tech Support.

Can we have a list of known bugs per Rx release again, please? Searching to see if an issue is a known bug takes a lot less time than trying to find out what is causing a problem then passing it to Tech Support!

What do others think?

Hear hear!

Excellent suggestion!

Starting with the next 6.5.2 patch release we will be posting the bug list found in the readme for the most recent patch. This list includes all bug fixes starting from the initial release of the version up through the latest patch.

That’s a step in the right direction, but not all for which we had hoped.

Agreed! Posting the bugs fixed by a particular patch was not what I had in mind when I posted my suggestion. While it is a step in the right direction, Rx (all versions) can be quite buggy and a reference list of all known bugs is more helpful to most of us than just details of a particular patch for the latest version. A searchable database (like what was on the Percussion site about 2 years ago) would be more appropriate and more useful.

I agree, give us something we can track!

You should be proud to fix problems and not hide them!

We hear what your asking for and are looking into how we can accomplish this with our current systems. Posting the readme for patches is how we can get this information out to you now.