Submit Button on Active Assembly Hangs/Unresponsive

In Active Assembly a user clicks the Submit button to transition content, under the hood the content transitions.

On the user end the window with the Submit button hangs giving no indication to the user the submit action happened. The user clicks the Submit button again and an error pops up (see attachment).

The user has no confidence the transition action they submitted happened.

When the Submit button is clicked, the window should close. Sometimes it does immediately, other times it’s delayed by 3-10 seconds, at times it hangs indefinitely.

We have installed the latest JRE and increased JRE memory on client machines but the issue persists. This also occurs on wired & wireless networks, so we’re pretty confident this is not the issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions on why this might be happening, and if there is some logging that we can enable to see what is happening?

Any help greatly appreciated.



You can check console.log and server.log on the CM Server. These logs should record the transition.

You can also open the Java Console (see for various options) to see what Java processing is happening on the client.

You can also use http trace to track the interaction between the client and the server.