Sub page menu structure not working

The menu structure on sub-pages no longer expands. Have checked the max expanded options and other fields but no luck. Any ideas? Thx


Is this issue visible on your live site? If so, if you could send me a link I could get a better idea of what might be happening here. Thanks.

Hey Nathaniel,

Here is a link:…

Here is a link to a page using the same template but it shows the sub categories:…

There should be 10 items under the Investor Relations menu option.



This appears to be a symptom of a known bug that has been fixed as of CM1 2.11. Essentially the problem is a section link / section page mis-match, where widgets powered by CM1’s navigation structure pull navigation information in from a section link rather than the section itself.

To resolve this issue manually, I believe in your “Customer Inspired Excellence” section you will find a section link pointing to “Investor Relations”. Please simply delete and then recreate this section link. This should force the navigation elements back into their proper relationships. Let me know if this works for you.

I’ll give it a try. thanks.

That resolved the issue. Thanks Nathaniel.

Glad to hear it!

Nathaniel, This solution worked for that section but now our other sections that don’t have Section Link pages in their structure don’t display their subsections.

For example,… should have 4 subsections listed.

Jerome, this actually looks like essentially the same issue. If you’ll look at the breadcrumbs for the page you linked me to, you’ll see that it believes that the page lives under the “Customer Inspired Excellence” section, when your URL tells us in reality it exists under the “About” section.

This tells me that there probably is a section link in the “Customer Inspired Excellence” section pointing to “Company Profile”. Deleting and recreating this section link should resolve the issue. Let me know if you cannot find this section link.

So this is really strange. When a user clicks on any of the links under the About tab, the bread crumb should look like this:

Home/About/Our Company
Home/About/Customer Inspired Excellence
Home/About/Doing Business with Verint
Home/About/Investor Relations
etc, etc, etc.

It should not be jumping people to the Customer Inspired Excellence section with the Section Links which display the breadcrumb:
Home/Customer Inspired Excellence/Our Company
Home/Customer Inspired Excellence/Doing Business with Verint
etc, etc, etc.
Those breadcrumbs should only be showing up when a user is in the CIE section.

It looks like somehow the links have all been updated from the CIE section in the About section…

Was something setup incorrectly to cause this error?

Thanks for any direction/guidance.


I highlighted the breadcrumbs because this is actually another symptom of the same issue. The bug – which was fixed in a recent release – can trigger the type of section link / section mismatch you’re seeing here, causing any navigation widget on an affected page (Navigation or Breadcrumb widget) to believe that the page they’re embedded on exists on the same level as a section link pointing to the page, rather than the page’s true section.

My guess is that you have a collection of section links under your “Customer Inspired Excellence” section pointing to these pages that are displaying navigation issues, and this section mis-match bug was triggered for this entire “Customer Inspired Excellence” section.

To fix this, simply delete and recreate all of the section links that are housed under your “Customer Inspired Excellence” section. Once you’ve done this, you should see both the Navigation and Breadcrumb widgets on these pages correct themselves.

Ah. OK. I’ll redo all those. thx.

No problem. Let me know if this works.