stopping an edition


Is there any easy way to stop an edition? I clicked the stop button on an edition about 30 minutes ago but as it publishing SiteRootFull I guess it has to wait for it to end.

Previously in 5.x system you could restart the Rhythmyx Application Server service but since 6.x there is only one Rhythmyx service.



When you stop an Edition, Rhythmyx finishes processing the current Content List, then stops.

This behavior is slated to change in the next release. In that release, when you stop an Edition, processing will terminate almost immediately.


We’re running 6.5.2 and have an edition that keeps getting stuck. Because it’s falling over on a particular content list, there’s no way of stopping it from the publishing tab of content explorer, so we’ve had to reboot the application. Is there any way of forcing it to stop from the console?

Also, would there be a log anywhere of what’s going on during the running of the edition?


In 6.5.2 and earlier, the only way to stop a hung Edition is to shut down the server.

You can enhance the reporting during publishing by adding the following to your log4j configuration:

    <logger name="">
      <level value="DEBUG" />