Spam Leads. Anyone else have this problem constantly?

I know there is no Captcha capabilities, but what options are there for filtering out spam leads? Strangely they don’t appear in my google analytics, but they are clogging up our customers service teams inboxes. We’ve received literally hundreds upon hundreds of spam leads the last 2 weeks. argh!


Great question, we have been scoping internally for another client. Have you investigated reCaptcha (

You can implement it server or client side. This might help cut down on the spam leads you are receiving.

Thanks Chris. Do you know of any Percussion specific documentation, other Percussion users success or specific help on getting this implemented?

I see these are the programming environments. Which one do you recommend for Percussion users? (full disclosure I am not a dev, so please pardon me if any of my questions seem ignorant)

Classic ASP (contributed by Mark Short)
Ruby (contributed by McClain Looney)
Another Ruby library from Jason L Perry
Ruby/Rack (contributed by Arthur Chiu)
JSP Mailhide Tag (contributed by Tamas Magyar)
ColdFusion (contributed by Robin Hilliard)
WebDNA (contributed by Dan Strong)


Good question, it would really depend on your developer and web server. I see you use IIS for your site, so that would be ASP.NET. Since you also use our dynamic widgets like our forms widget, it is powered by our DTS which employs (Apache/Tomcat) which is Java based. So you have a couple options.

If you are giving some thought into implementing one of these solutions, and do not have the development resources in house, I could have the manager from customer success reach out to you offline, and discuss some options.


Yes Chris, please have someone contact me regarding this.