Source code is black/white, need to be color

I noticed this source code in Widget is black/white. It would be nice to have colors like web editor (Coda, Sublime, etc.) and here’s the plugin:…

I’m okay with this as long as the overhead for adding such a highlighter in does not outweigh its benefits…

Bumping this as it is a common request for the following:

  • HTML Widget
  • Rich text Editor Source Code
  • Blog Post editor Source Code
  • Display Template of Widget Builder Widgets
    In addition to Source Code coloring, syntax checking would also be useful. 

Would it be preferable to be able to Edit using a system Editor (Atom, Sublime, Brackets, Notepad++ etc) or to have the Editor have these features in the browser interface?



I think it would be best to have both options, but in the meantime I think the in-browser solution would be sufficient.


What Doug said.

Just saw TinyMCE (what Percussion uses) now have color syntax. Here’s the screenshot attached.

Any progress on this?