Slots and Child Tables

is it possible to create slot relationships with Child Table Entries?

Slots and Child tables are different kinds of things.

It’s possible to have an item that has child table entries and also has slot relationships.

Tell us how you want to combine them.


Hi Dave

I’d like to be able to make a child table entry which is some body text and then create a slot relationship between this text and an image content item.

I can’t do this by adding text to the image content type as the same image must be able to be used with any variation of text.

The child table is used to create entries into a content type of a photo gallery and so each text entry represents a photo in the gallery. We want to avoid reuploading binaries as the images have their own content type.



Was there ever any response on this question? I would definitely like to do the same kind of thing - basically, create a child table that has a slot associated with each row in the table. I don’t see any way to do this. It seems like you just have to add the slots to the content item, and number them to correspond to the child table rows.

Anyone have any other suggestions/ideas? FYI, I’m on Rhythmyx 6.5.2.


You could try an automated slot that selects images based off criteria in your child table fields. I haven’t done this yet, but I suspect it may be worth investigating.


If you have “related items” or perhaps images that need to be connected to content that is in a child table, perhaps you should consider using “inline” image / templates for the links to this content.

It’s also possible to have a slot where you match up the “indices”. That is, where the first item in the slot goes with the first child table entry, etc. This just takes a bit of clever scripting in the template, but it obviously only works when there is a direct one to one correspondence.

I don’t see how multiple slots makes sense in this context: slots are defined at “design time”, and child table entries are created “on the fly”. I don’t see how you could define enough slots for this to work unless you had some limitation on the number of entries in the child table (because there is no limit by default).


Thanks for the suggestions. My related items in this case are other non-image content items (I’m relating location items for each instance of a seminar being offered). I don’t completely understand what you mean about inline templates - I thought I understood inline images, in the context of HTML fields, but inline templates is a new concept to me.

We are going to have a maximum on the number of child items that can be created in the child table (15), so at this point, I will allow them to add locations to a slot, and then at assembly time, I will match those up with the corresponding entries in the child table, based on position. It will be more work on the user’s part to keep those things in sync, unfortunately.