Slot value use in JEXL location scheme

I am trying to create a location scheme that uses the value in a field in an item that has been slotted into the main item - the one I’m publishing.

I can refer to the slotted value in the Velocity code via a binding:
$slotContents - $user.psoSlotTools.getSlotContents($sys.assemblyItem, “Core_Course_Info”,null)

and then use (in Velocity)
#set($coreItem = $slotContents.get(0).node)

I’d like to know if I can refer to this year_of_entry value in the JEXL string defining the file location.

I’ve tried various permutations and made sure the slotted item is Public, but to no avail.




Unfortunately, there is no “Assembly Item” available in a location scheme. Generating the Assembly Item is pretty expensive, so we only generate the node. Doing the complete assembly would require some additional info, and would slow down publishing considerably.

The only variables you can use in an location scheme are:

You can also call the methods under $rx, $tools and $user.

There’s some documentation in Appendix I of the 6.5 Rhythmyx Implementation Guide that describes these variables in more detail.


Thanks Dave,

I guess I’ll have to rethink how I generate the location