skip link for accesibility


I just learned a little more about making sites accessibility better for those with disabilities. I need to add a Skip link to all navigation menu’s so that screen readers don’t read out all the nav every time a page is loaded. Does cm1 have something for this? I found this link here just trying to figure out with cm1 how I can incorporate this.…

That’s a great idea Sandy! Glad you brought that up!

We don’t currently have a feature like this. I am converting this topic into an enhancement idea. 

This will be delivered in version 5.3

Great when will 5.3 be available?

I have it implemented it already -

All you have to do is to keep Tabbing and you’ll see the first three which is incredibly useful:

  • Jump to main content
  • Jump to search
  • Jump to footer
    Keep tabbing until you get to main navigation, you’ll see that tabbing support navigation dropdown as well as using arrows to go thru navigation links.

Pretty cool?

Now the question is -  will this new update mess up the one I have implemented already? thank you


You should not have a conflict, you would just not enable Skip Links on your Navigation Widget.  

The CSS selectors for skip links are also using the “perc-” convention so there shouldn’t be a naming conflict either. 


Hi Sandy,

We are in the last sprint for this release, pending successful QA, 5.3 should be ready in the next couple of weeks. 


Nice site. Is that php calendar open source?

@nate - thank you! that makes sense. I do notice you have “Aria Label” which is also new as well. Is it only for Navigation or will there be option for each Region area?

@jeff - thanks Jeff! You are welcome to grab the css code from PHP calendar but the backend function is integrated. I was thinking about making Github where everyone can download the responsive calendar

Does anyone know why [skip to content] links on pages with bloglists refresh the page?
Is there a workaround for this?

Hi Jeff,

It shouldn’t be doing that.  It looks like there is some type of conflict between the script on the blog list and the skip link script that is causing the page refresh.  

I’m going to create a ticket to track this as it looks like a bug.