Site Navigation: Mega menu needed. Anyone using a 3rd party menu system?

We have a need to utilize multi-column submenus, and we are not able to do it through CM1. We are looking at a product called Visual Node Fire to build and maintain our menu system. Anyone happen to use OpenCube’s Visual node fire product (

Our goal with CM1 was to take much of the current overhead away from IT. I’m curious if others allow end-users to maintain menus within CM1–or is that typically still an IT maintained item, even in CM1? I’ve attached a snippet of our intended “menu design”, though the example was done in visio.

Also, has anyone gone with a 3rd party menu system that turned ugly? Do you wish you would have just changed your plan to utilize the nav built into CM1?


Hi Nick,

Hopefully some customers can chime in with their thoughts on the pros and cons of using a 3rd party menu plugin vs. the built-in system, but just from quickly looking at your navigation mock-up, it seems like you could implement a similar design with our built-in system.

On a high level, you could set the nav widget to the “NavBar rollover” layout, give the UL that contains the subsections a fixed width using CSS, and then give the child LIs fixed width and float left properties so that they stack up on a column grid. You could also use child selectors to force the subsections of these sections visible without the need for hovering over and appear as part of this grid.

Of course there are some limitations; for instance, it would be very hard to maintain any content besides the links generated by navigation, such as supplementary text or image content (it would be possible using :before and :after pseudo selectors and the content CSS property). I do know some customers have elected to use 3rd party plugins for these and other reasons, so it’d be great to get some of them to share their feedback.

I use various .css/jquery and dhtml menus for our website and the only issues I have seemed to have is our master theme css.

Now some are scripts I’ve purchased, some open source and some I’ve created.

Since I create my prototypes on my desktop and then migrate them / relink them once I’ve tested the menu - I found using a copy of my master .css and attaching it to the test .html page, gives me a pretty accurate expectation of what will happen once I migrate my script into a widget. (Note: I do not keep the master .css attached, it was just to see what I could expect once it hit the system).

I’m able to tweak the .css there and so far so good.

Hope this helps.