Site Impact Issues


I just recently installed the remaining CM1 patches I was missing (not sure what the last one was that I had installed). Everything is up-to-date now. I just noticed this morning that the “Site Impact” section for assets is showing blank for files that are linked throughout the website. I’m not sure if the patch updates caused this but it is a recent problem as I’ve used the “Site Impact” section as recently as about a week okay and it displayed the appropriate pages.

Is this a known bug?

Any info is appreciated. Thanks!



I’ve had issues with site impact. What I noticed is that if a file is pulled by file auto list, it does not show as used. I ended up deleting many documents, and had to find and replace. I had a ticket, Request #21687, two years ago. Percussion said it was solved,but it wasn’t. I was sent a script file to use, and it didn’t help. I was told it was being put into consideration, but, I have heard no follow-up.



Sorry to hear that. I guess for me it was working before the patches. It could have been an unrelated change but we haven’t done anything major with the website since it was working. We have an A-Z listing that using an autolist I believe but that has been in place since siteimpact was working for us.


Hi guys,

Auto Lists can’t display Site Impact because of how they work. The lists are driven by a dynamic query that is controlled by each widgets configuration and no relationship is stored between assets or pages in the list and the Page that hosts the Auto List itself. There aren’t currently plans to change this behavior in Auto Lists.

Currently Site Impact does have a limitation where it does not take into account Managed Links, which will be addressed in the 5.4 update.

Site Impact should be working for directly linked Assets with no change between this patch and the previous. Is there a particular type of Asset where you are seeing the Site Impact problem?



So for instance shows nothing under “Pages using this asset” even though it is used on this page

It is linked on that page as a managed linked so that would be why it isn’t working? I guess I hadn’t noticed that didn’t work before… I thought it did but could be mistaken.


Hi Josh

Yes, the reason that the site impact wasn’t showing is due to that the link is a managed link. In CM1 5.4 release first 25 managed links will be listed in Site impact. Please let us know if any further questions.