Site id setting for live render

After adding a new publishing site, I need the links to the live site preview to reference the new site id. How is this possible?

This is what’s showing up in the address bar when I go to preview a page in live site preview:


I need it to reference sys_siteid 335 instead of 325.

Any help finding where to change this setting would be much appreciated!


This looks like you are previewing the page from under the Site root of Site ID 325. Does Site ID 335 have a Site root in Content Explorer?


I created a new site with one set publishing settings (this is site ID 325). I created a new publishing site (site ID 335) to publish to ftp. I no longer needed the original (325) and deleted it. Everything works fine, except for the preview function is looking for site id 325. Is there a setting someplace where I could set it to preview via 335?

Thank you for help.

Preview actions have the site id hard-coded in them (unless you are using PSO’s Smart Preview.) To change it, open the workbench and find all the preview actions. Edit each one that contains 325, changing it to 335.

Thank you, Paul, for the advice. Where exactly can I find the preview actions in the workbench?

In the WB, activate the ‘UI Elements Design’ view. Expand ‘Content Explorer->Menu Entries’. Right click on Menu Entries and select 'Show Object Sorter. If you know that your actions all have an id/name that begins w/ preview, just scroll down to find what you are looking for. If the labels begin w/ 'Preview ', then click on the ‘Label’ column to sort by the label.

That did the trick…thank you again!