Showing Non-Navigational Pages in Navigation Widget

Is there a way to have non-navigational pages show in a navigation widget? We would like to create a sidenav that shows all pages copied in a folder—pages without the >> graphic on them. Is this possible? 

Hi Matthew, Thank you for the question,

Unfortunately, You will not be able to do this using the Navigation Widget, the navigation widget checks to see if something is in the navigation tree before displaying it. However, you could try using the Page Auto List Widget as that only requires a folder path. Here is the link to that describes how to use the Page Auto-List Widget.…

Give that a try!

Hey Brendan, 

Thanks for your reply. That Page Auto-List Widget works great.

I did notice that any parent folders are treated as pages. I was wondering if it would be possible to retain parent-child relationships.

For example, in our sidenav set, we have navigational folders set to accordion expand when clicked, revealing child pages underneath. Would it be possible to combine that functionality with the page show? 

What we’re aiming for is a blog post style Month -> Article archive (e.g. January 2017 -> Article).

Hi Matthew,

It sounds like our Archives widget would work well for you! It doesn’t show the articles for that month underneath it, but you can click on a month/year link and it brings you to a results page.

Check out how City of Utica, NY uses it for their news archive:


Thanks for sharing Casey! I’ll look into implementing that.