Show URL the right way

I have noticed that whenever you placed pages in Navigation, it will automatically create “/index” like or

However, it would be neat to hide “/index” or “index.html” that and show it like

Here’s the script I found online:…

More SEO friendly

Anyone? :slight_smile:

I had to find the hard way myself. It would be nice if to be updated more often b/c there are some stuffs I cannot find in there. Thanks!

Please reopen this topic. We too have all of our navigation section URLs ending in /index.html. Our server is set up to resolve an address that comes in without /index.html to the correct page. However, we now fear that Google perceives this as duplicate content.

We are finding the same page indexed under multiple URLs

My SEO guru has advised me to place the following HTML in the of the page:

{link rel=“canonical” href=" " /}

This instructs Google to use our preferred URL. However, it will be a major time suck to go through the site and add to hundreds of pages.

Does anyone else have new input on this?