Setting up redirect - .htaccess file without template wrapper?

Hi folks,

Is there a way (maybe a blank template) that will allow me to upload a .htaccess file without a template wrapper?

Our site recently went live & I’d like to be able to handle redirects (especially for shortened urls) on the fly, without bothering my net-admin.

For the moment, I have created index files in folders within our directory structure, but that isn’t ideal. It would be great to be able to push up a simple text-only file.



Hi Mark,

Unfortunately there’s no way to do this. Another customer had a similar idea, but in their case they thought to manage the .htaccess file as a File asset. The problem is you cannot upload assets to the site’s root directory, so the properties won’t apply site-wide. They actually posted an Idea for the ability to upload assets to the site’s root directory – feel free to lend your support to this idea if you too would find this useful:

Thanks Nathaniel, I was afraid of that.

Hmmm… I wonder if I could ftp it to our production server - it wouldn’t be handled through CM1, but it would still take care of my problem.

What do you think?




Yes, that is exactly what most customers do who manage .htaccess files on their server.

Sounds great Nathaniel!

Take care,