Set a password for a page

I don’t want people to create accounts nor have the ability to create one. I don’t need usernames, all I need is a password for a page. I have read both:


but all I need is a passworded page. Can something like this be set up:…

also is there a way to protect files as well? or is the best way to protect a file to put it into a passworded .zip or .rar?


Great question… Before going in and editing files on your webserver, I might take a look at Workflow:

Since, it sounds to me this is what you are looking for.

What I would suggest to start is use one of the default roles Percussion gives you, and manually add usernames/passwords etc. Then configure who has what access to what. ( With workflow you can craft some granularity to who can access to what folder, and who can edit/publish certain pages.

Let me know if this solves your issue, or if you could elaborate more into your specific use case, we might be able to think up other solutions.


The passworded page isn’t to edit the page, its just to access it. So the end user will have zero percussion access, they won’t even know there is percussion, they will just go to: (just for an example)

This will require a password, if a username is required I can set up one account that I could give to the people that need it. Where they can download passworded .rar / .zip files.

This isn’t really a workflow / percussion user account problem more of a visitor coming from a specific URL that isn’t indexed nor in any navigation, and entered a password, then gaining access to files that are only available on that page. Think of it like a vault that only certain people know where it is and the password to get into the vault.