Session timeout

The 120 minute session timeout on the Content Explorer does not appear to be functioning. We’re not sure if this is related to our custom login module. From the JBoss configuration, it doesn’t look like the session timeout is controlled by the application server. Is the session timeout hardwired into the Rhythmyx login module?

The session timeout is set in the config.xml file (located in /Rhythmyx/rxconfig/Server. It is not set in JBoss.


That’s the relevant info from the config.xml. Sessions never time out.

You can modify the session timeout setting through the Rhythmyx Server Administrator, in which case they will take effect right away.

If you manually edit the config.xml, you’ll have to restart the server.

We’ve never edited the config.xml file through either method. The settings given are the settings at the time of product install back in 2007. How is the session timeout enforced by Rhythmyx? We’re using a custom login module. Is it possible that we’re not setting some variable that Rhythmyx needs to track the session time properly?

Login Modules do not affect the session timeout - this is managed separately. Check via the Server Administrator that the session timeout is in fact set to 120 minutes. If so, what is happening that indicates to you that it is not functioning?

Verified (see attachment).

I’m really not trying to be a smart-a$$ with the reproduction steps… Log into CX, walk away from the computer for 3 hours, return to computer and CX keeps humming along without making you re-authenticate.

The CX does “keep alive” behind the scenes.