Server not recognizing ssl certifcate

SSL Security certificate not getting verified. I"ve installed the ssl certificate but for some reason the server is not recognizing it and anytime someone accesses the secured pages a certificate warning pops up. How do I fix this?

Hi Carrie,

You got your cert package from GoDaddy, correct? Did you encounter any errors when following the “To Install Your SSL in Tomcat” directions in the document below?…

You may also want to run this command to ensure that GoDaddy’s certs are all present in your Tomcat keystore file:

keytool -list -v -keystore {dts_root}/Deployment/Server/conf/.keystore

Lastly, you may want to contact GoDaddy to see if they can identify why their SSL cert doesn’t appear to be active on your server.

Still having trouble identifying the issue with ssl certificate.

We’ve followed the above directions and everything appeared to go ok. But the certificate still comes up self signed. Godaddy says the cert is valid.

Hi Carrie, when you run the “keytool -list …” command from above, is your GoDaddy cert present in the keystore file at all?