Section Specific Content?

So I have 4 Levels in my navigation structure:

Level 1 - One Section
Level 2 - One Section
Level 3 - 2 sections (will have many more later on)
Level 4 - Lots of sections

I have one Template, lets call it Template 1.

I thought it was possible to add content at a specific section and have it get inherited to the pages of its children sections (at the next level), without having to create separate templates.

For example I want to add a different image to both Level 3 sections, and have each specific image be displayed on all of the children sections (at level 4). So the image I add to Level 3, Section 1, would then be displayed (and locked) for the sections within Level 4 that are children of Level 3, Section 1. And the same for Level 3, Section 2, but with a different image. i.e. also these images would NOT show up for any parent sections on Levels 1 and 2.

Can this be done? if so, can you please explain as I could not find it in the help sections.

Basically I thought I could add specific content to the template at different sections and have it inherited to the children sections appropriately.

Thanks and hope this makes sense.

Nevermind, I talked to my coworker and he said he thinks we’ll have to have separate templates for each section, if I’m wanting different content to be inheriting by such sections’ children…

Hi Paul,

Yes, your co-worker is correct here. Creating separate templates for each unique section is usually the best way to handle this type of requirement.

Yeah, that approach is pretty tough for us to do from a management perspective as we have 100 sections (each section is a different school). So enabling our schools to use similar templates, but have their own content that gets inherited to sections underneath each would require 100 different templates. Say then I needed to make a simple change to the non-specific content on the template, I’d have to change 100 + templates. Where as if a template could have section -level specific content as I had described above in my original post, I’d then only have to edit a single template.

Hi Paul,

Keep in mind that you can use Shared Assets on the template level, so any general content peices that you want shared across many of your templates (header and footer elements are common examples) can still point back to a single resource, enabling you to globally affect all 100 templates (and however many pages) by editing one single asset in your Assets library.

Yes, I understand that, but shared assets will still require a manual addition to Every single page. They are not inheritable when added to parent section pages by children sections/pages.

Yes, that’s the case for content that will vary by section. I thought you were referring to non-specific content (again, headers and footers are a good example) that would be the same across all 100 hypothetical templates. You could add the same Shared Assets for these components to these 100 templates, and from that point forward you would only have to edit these single Shared Assets to affect all 100 templates. My bad if I misunderstood what you were getting at.