Section conversion feature in Site Navigation

It would be helpful if there were an easy way to move a section and its folders out of site navigation without deleting it permanently.

I do think this would be a very useful feature, and to expand on it, the ability to execute the reverse action – to switch standard folders and their contents into sections – would be very useful to many customers as well.

Where is the remove button referred to on this page:… ?

It says: When you remove a section and landing page from Navigation view, you remove that section from the published site navigation. In the Finder, the section is converted to a folder, and all pages in the section (including the section landing page) are moved into this folder. A folder converted from a section behaves as a folder; none of the restrictions on moving and modifying a section apply to the folder once converted. The section landing page is converted to a normal page; its navigation properties are ignored.

I want to remove several sections from the published site navigation and convert them to folders without deleting them.


Yikes, that’s a very outdated doc. I will update it now; thanks for bringing this to our attention. This information is not accurate, and there currently is no method to convert a section to a folder. outside of the manual process.

In our 3.4 release planned for the end of this year, we will be delivering this capability. You will have the ability to take an existing folder and convert it to a section. You will also have the ability to take a section, and convert it (and all subordinate sections) back to a folder.

I also look forward to having this feature! Thank you!

This feature was delivered in 3.4, released on Dec 19.