Rxserver@oldscollege.ca notification emails

Hi just wondering if anyone else has noticed these notification emails from rxserver? Pretty sure I don’t have a user named that. Also when you click the content waitting approval link it opens up an error can’t find page.

Not a big deal I was just curious what they were all about.


This is a good question you asked. With regards to the “rxserver@oldscollege.ca”, this email address was probably entered into the some of the configuration properties for our email notifications. It looks at your SMTP (Email) Server, and sends emails from the email address inputted into it. Something like this is a quick fix, if you wanted to change it.

However, the next point where it gives you an error message… This is something where I am going to open a support ticket for you for. I will reach out through ZenDesk shortly.


Ok thanks. When the notification email comes from a person the content waiting approval link works great. Its only broken on these rxserver ones. I really just want to stop the rx ones if I don’t need them to cut down on emails that everyone is getting.

I’ll look for the ticket.