rxglobal_head template

Hi all

does anyone know if it is possible to have more than one of these templates.

this has currently been defined to work with one of my sites. however, this is being called automatically into the global template for my second site where i need something different to happen.

I don’t know how to either
a) stop it being called in for second site
b) make what it does conditional based on site
c) define another one for my second site

can anyone help please.

hi - is anyone able to help with this please



I think the answer to that question is probably not… I no longer have a running 5.7 system, so it’s not something I deal with regularly.

On the original question, I believe that the rxGlobal templates are just that: Global. There are ways to include variables in your global template that don’t involve using the rxGlobal templates.

Look at the templates that included in your global XSL, many of these templates have names that start with “rx” and other with “sys”. You can modify the “rx” templates and put conditionals in them. This won’t be simple, it probably is possible.