RT widget remembers last selected folder in "recent places"

A frustration I run into all the time when using the RT widget is the process of adding images or links, a process that may require dozens of “insertions” performed one after another.

Adding a link or image presents the user with this dialog box:

I may have just inserted a link to a page from this dialog but the next link insertion process starts all over again from the “top of the tree” view so the user must navigate down through the site structure to find the next page to link even though it was in the same folder as the previous one.

I’d like to suggest that Percussion extend the functionality of this dialog by adding a “recent places” in the drop down, similar to what we see in OS X. In fact, I’d love to see this functionality in the “Finder” of CM1 as well.

The OS X “recent places” menu looks like this:

Thanks for considering this workflow improvement.

All my users complain about this all the time. It would be a nice addition in Percussion. I noticed that the latest version of tinyMCE has that support. It would be nice if tinyMCE was update in Percussion or if another product was used in it’s places that supported it.

Matt and Dan, as always, more great feedback. As has been mentioned in previous topics regarding the RTE, updates or replacements for TinyMCE are currently under evaluation.

This was delivered in 3.1

Looking forward to it!