RSS News Feed


We are looking to add a news RSS feed to our site. We currently have an autoindex that takes a news snippet and displays the list of the last 10 news items created.

We would be looking to do something similar for the rss feed. Is it possible to create another snippet for the RSS feed but in XML (the format for RSS is basically XMl formated text)?

The format for RSS feed (looking at wiki) can be found at

Has anybody ceated RSS feeds from their news entries. If so, how did you go about it?

Rhythmyx 6.5.2


We have a content type that allows the editor to define a query to be used in the autoindex lookup. We have a page template that retrieves the necessary data and formats the output in the RSS standard. We have created a location scheme for this content type that publishes the RSS content item to the desired location.

Similar to Riley, we have also created a template for an RSS feed. Note that the key here is a full page template (not a snippet template). When creating the template, you can specify that the format be xml and then in the template write the appropriate code to display / format the items properly. For our implementation, I’ve created a macro that takes the items in the slot then outputs them appropriately (building off the raw slot macro)…I found this much easier to do then to create an xml snippet template for all the content types that can be indexed and passing that as a parameter to the indexer slot…ymmv.