RSS Feed Not showing

We’re trying to add this RSS feed to a test widget and nothing is showing…

We’re tried other feeds from CNET as well as one Jonathan had us test from precussion itself.

Hi Joel,

The RSS widget does not display in preview mode, it only will display the feed content when the page has been published out to the live server.

Hello Ty,

Sorry, I should of added that to my question.
We’ve published the pages to check, Jonathan let us know we would have to do that, we’re still not getting what we expect.
We’re also currently using 2.7


Well that is something else entirely then!

Is the page publicly available? I would like to take a peek at the source to see if it is even loading the RSS data.

The pages are on an internal sever right now, this is the particular code that we looked at with Jonathan inspecting elements in chrome.


The RSS feed widget relies on delivery services being properly configured on the server that you are publishing to, otherwise the widget will not function. To check and see if you have delivery services configured on your server, try appending “/feeds/application.wadl” onto the host name and port you use to access your published files (e.g. “{hostname}:9980/feeds/application.wadl”). This should return an XML file if delivery services are configured. If it does not, and if you are publishing to the embedded Tomcat, you should take at look at this topic, which contains some useful information relating to configuring your staging server:

If you have trouble with this, if you are not publishing to the embedded Tomcat, or if that test URL does return an XML file, I will create a support ticket for us to look into this problem deeper.