Rich Text WYSIWYG Editor "Pro" or "Advanced"

The Rich Text widget is probably the most powerful and most used widget of all of them. The fact that it will clean up bad code is a great idea, I just don’t understand why it cleans up “valid” code. I can understand that a “Rich Text” widget is for just that – rich text, and an HTML widget is for html, but if that is the case then it should be stated that the rich text editor only supports very basic html. There should be a configuration file or preference that can be set to allow or disallow certain code.

Our sites use HTML5 and the Bootstrap framework extensively, the rich text editor strips a lot of it right out. I want to use Bootstrap markup and enhanced functionality like onClick in the rich text widget. Even with the recent enhancements to the HTML widget, they are not as easy for end-users to manipulate. I don’t mind that the rich text editor removes invalid code, but onclick, html5, and bootstrap markup can be valid.

I think the solution should be a preference to turn the auto-correction on or off. If that’s not possible, perhaps we can get a “Pro” version of the Rich Text editor that allows everything, and hey, if you enter invalid markup, then that’s your own fault. Or as Nathaniel suggested implement the use of the “preserve” tag.

Thanks for posting this, Conan! I’m sure many customers would find this useful, and I’m just hopeful that TinyMCE would allow for this type of customization.

Completely agree with Conan.

I am going to mark this as implemented. 

As of 5.3 the Rich Text Editor will allow all markup in the editor, on save the content is scrubbed by HTML Tidy and unparseable HTML markup is cleaned against the HTML5 tag set.  

With 5.3 the only current limitation that we are aware of is that Inline elements such as span tags will require some content, either an &npsp; or an html comment to prevent them from being converted to empty elements which causes HTML validation failures. 


I thought 5.3 was released last Friday? What happened?


We published the release Friday - but we ran into an issue with the SDK kit so we are holding off sending out the announcement until that is resolved and re-published this morning.  You’ll see a post and email from us today. You can review the release notes here in the mean time: