Rich text widget adds 153 lines to JavaScript section

The rich text widget adds 153 lines of CDATA to 2 lines of JavaScript.
We use a smart board to deliver our emergency messages and it needs to remain in a rich text widget where we have it now. I want to remove the clutter without the CM1 adding it back in.


Typically, JavaScript code cannot be contained within Rich Text widgets, as the HTML tidying process that combs through RT content will not know what to do with JS code.

You’ll either need to relocate all of this code into an HTML widget, or split the code (if possible) into both an RT and HTML widget.

I was wondering if this issue has been resolved. Relocating or splitting the code is not always an option and is not one I should have to deal with. This program is suppose to help not deter what can normally be done. Out side of CM1 this would not be an issue. The smart board widget has been used a lot this winter because of the weather. I monitor the script continuously to remove the excess lines of CDATA. I am concerned that CM1’s editing may be affecting an active message. Recently we had problems with a school closing message not showing up, or disappearing and only showing up when the page is refreshed. This is extremely important.

Hi Alanda,

We have a new feature Widget Builder where you can create a custom widget to meet your unique need in your CM1. This gives you more freedom in the system to have more control of your content,
Can you briefly describe what it is that your trying to accomplish with “smart Board Widget” and how you would like it to work so we can determine if Widget Builder can offer a solution.