Rich Text Editor

The rich text editor is limited- would like to see a full- featured Tiny MCE. Is that something that has been thought of for future updates?

Our current thinking about the RTE editor is instead to pursue the idea of a full inline WYSIWYG editor. Rather than having the popup window, you would stay directly on the page and simply start typing. I button bar would hover above the widget so that you could do the appropriate styling. We may still need the popup in order to accomodate “source view” but this is our current thinking for the future of the RTE widget.

I think we have several levels of users- and the full tiny mce editor would help to accomodate all that use this product. The last CMS I used (omni) had it, as well as the ability to view/edit code when needed.

For some people- all they will need to do is click a widget and change text–but for others (especially during the development phase) they need a more robust solution.

I’d love to see a better editor. I loath the current version of Tiny MCE in CM1. It creates all kinds of junk HTML. Often one is required to edit in the HTML view to fix a heading class or remove a paragraph tag. This is painful because the HTML editing often shows a long block of text with no basic formatting.

I also don’t understand why sometimes Tiny MCE puts a normal space into the HTML markup and other times (most of the time) it uses  

When I add a basic sentence with an icon via the rich text mode that looks like this while in the RT view of Tiny MCE:

It comes out looking like this on the HTML side:

Bottom line, I have no confidence in this editor that it will be useable by our contributors once I roll CM1 out. It is clunky and makes a mess of otherwise very simple text input.


I can understand your frustration about the HTML view of TinyMCE. I agree that it is sub-optimal for power users who are used to a greater level of control of their HTML. However, why do you think that the problems with the HTML view will make life difficult for the content contributors? Aren’t they doing their edits directly in the rich text view?

Regarding the &nbsp, that has been logged as a defect and will be addressed in an upcoming release.


I am testing as if I’m a normal user. I personally would rather not have to typically deal with the HTML. But I often find myself having to dig into it to find out why a list is not formatting or why more lines of text are getting tagged as headings when they shouldn’t be and so on.

I just don’t find the WYSIWYG editor reliable and certainly if you format some text one way and then decide to go back and format it another, it will add all kinds of junk that requires the proverbial power user to go in and clean up for the contributor.

I’m not saying that I need more formatting options but rather, I’d like to see something that is reliable and makes sense to a layperson, if you know what I mean.

The Rich Text Editor has been updated in 3.1. It is much more usable than prior releases.

@dan - the current release is 4.3. When will Percussion upgrade to the latest version? There is still no video embed option… Also, please read my post - I need to know if we’re using Enterprise version or free version…