Rich Text Editor vs HTML widget link difference

Are there any reasons why it’s different? I asked because someone wanted me to copy entire Rich Text Editor content (via source code in Percussion) and put it in HTML Widget and publish it. Whenever they clicked the link in that page, it brought up the error like this: 

[\_authtype=0&sys\_variantid=335&sys\_revi...]( "Link http//wwwsfcollegeedu/Rhythmyx/assembler/rendersys\_authtype0sys\_variantid335sys\_revision10sys\_contentid13107sys\_context0") 

Rich Text Editor Widget’s link:

[Accounting](/Rhythmyx/assembler/render?sys_authtype=0&sys_variantid=335&sys_revision=9&sys_contentid=8651&sys_context=0 "Accounting, A.A.")

HTML Widget’s link:

["]( "Link http//wwwsfcollegeedu/zoo/about-the-zoo/directions/index"); perc-managed="true" perc-linkid="14123"\> 

I think HTML Widget’s link is much cleaner and easier to read. I was hoping maybe RTE should adopt HTML link structure…

Hi Aaron,

Percussion uses a link rendering process in order to render page links depending on their viewing context. So Link HTML will look different when viewing the source code of a Percussion Preview page vs your live Published page. This helps the links function so you can browse pages and click through links in Preview mode.

If you want to copy the raw HTML that would be produced by a rich text widget in order to use it elsewhere, you can inspect the source code of the published page and look for the HTML for that section. It will be wrapped in an a with class “rxbodyfield”:

EDIT: It appears the comment box stripped out the HTML example code I tried to place here. I’ve reformatted it.
˂div class="rxbodyfield"˃…Your HTML…˂̸div˃

Hope that helps you out!